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Team to play Woodford cum Membris on Saturday 24th July

 The game will be ‘4 triples’ and the dress is ‘greys’, meet at club at 2.0pm.


B Ogilvie

C Twomey

Y Twomey

T Mold

N Oakey

B Dowling

P Wells

M Stokes

C Stokes

C Hall

G Sainsbury

T Clark


****Team to play Banbury Chestnuts is on the team selection page****

The game will be 4 triples, dress is greys, please meet at the club at 5.30, game starts at 6pm

Y. Twomey

C. Twomey

B. Ogilvie

B. Dowling

N. Oakey

P. Wells

C. Hall

M. Stokes

J. Cox

A. Blackwell

P. Sutton

T. Stevens