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Letter from ABC Secretary

Dear Bowling Member,

We were due to hold our AGM on Wednesday 25th November in the club house. Your commitee under current circumstances and Government guidlines feels that it would not be safe to do so. Therefore members of the existing commitee are willing to stand for another term although with the sad passing of our secretary Steve Goodenough and Website manager Roy Dickson, also Chris Holmes Chaiman and commitee member Ted Eley stepping down this means there are four positions to be filled.

If you would be interested in joining the commitee please put your name forward. The Secretary and Website manager positions have been filled by members of the existing commitee. Norman Oakey has already shown interest in joining our commitee leaving three positions.

Chairman - Vacant

President - Mick Jelfs

Vice President - Dave Drinkwater

Secretary Phil Gladden

Treasurer - Derek Smith

Weekend Captain - Bryan Ogilvie

Weekday Captain - Chris Twomey

Fixtures Secretary - Ian Dunn

General Commitee

1. Graham Tyrrell

2. Peter Wells - Website Manager

3. Norman Oakey

4. Vacant

5. Vacant

Any objections to the above please inform the Secretary in writing signed and dated with your reasons 


County Competitions

County competion forms are posted in and outside the club for the 2021 season. If you wish to enter any of the competitions your name needs to be on the form no later than Suday 20th December. Fees to be paid on entry.


Annual Subscriptions 2021

The commitee have recommended that the subscriptions for 2021 remain the same as this year.

Full Bowling and Social membership £70, Social membership only £7.50 and Junior Bowlers £8.00, all subscriptions are due by the end of February 2021.



**** Club closed ****

Club closed because of Covid restrictions

***** Come and check us out *****
The club has been redecorated and looks good.
The photos don't do it justice so come and criticise in person!
Opening Times:
Fri 1800 - 2200hrs
Sat 1900 - 2200hrs
Sun 1300 - 1830hrs




Bowls Tour 2020




Rebooked for 2021
Same Hotel
Monday 13th September - Friday 16th September
Detailed information will be posted in due course.





Under General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) all organisations must have a Privacy Policy to detail how we handle the members information. This is laid out in our Privacy Policy which we have published on the New Members page. All members should take time to read this.



Guests are admitted to the club only when signed in by a member to a maximum of three times in any one year unless attending with a visiting bowls club or when a premise licence is in force for a ticketed event, quiz night or public event.

This rule applies to members’ husbands, wives, partners, and family where additional membership has not been taken out.

The committee is aware that these rules are being ignored which puts our licence at risk. Consequently, bar staff and committee may request proof of membership where this is in doubt.

Membership cards should be produced when requested. Alternatively there is a list of members in the club which can be checked.

We regret the need for this measure and trust members will not be offended if asked for proof of membership. 


Club Winter Opening Hours *** Please check above and whats on page for revised opening hours ***

Tuesday 7.45pm until 11pm, Friday and Saturday 7.45pm until midnight, Sunday noon until 6pm. Bar could close 10pm at discretion of barman if weather bad and no-one in.
Club Summer Opening Hours (during the bowling season) *** CHECK NEW TIMES ON WHATS ON PAGE ***
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7.45pm to 11pm, Friday and Saturday 8pm to midnight,  Sunday noon to 6pm.