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Steve Goodenough

Sorry to have to inform all the passing of our club secretary Steve Goodenough.

Details of any arrangements to follow.

Social Play Update

Adderbury Bowls Club

Social Play Update - 24 August 2020
Dear Members, apologies, it has been a while since the last update, but unfortunately as you are all aware there continues to be some restrictions on the use of the green and facilities.
I am delighted to report that to date 14 members have taken up the opportunity for social play on the green during the past weeks with some weeks busier than others. They all report that the procedure before and after play is common sense and should not put anyone off.
Bowls England have amended the guidelines of play to ensure social distancing can be maintained. And now allow all rinks to be used at the same time if pairs and triples are being played but advise the use of alternate rinks if teams of 4 are playing. So please use the green and arrange small groups to get together for an hour or two, while we still can, during the remaining weeks of the outdoor season. 
Don’t forget to nominate someone from your group to call Mick Jelfs 07903 955047 to book a rink, so that we can:
• Ensure we adhere to the guidelines regarding numbers on a rink,
• Ensure the green and rinks are used evenly
• For that important “Track and Trace”
Friday, Saturday and Sunday are being enjoyed by on average 15 -20 people weekly, so if you are looking for a safe venue to meet up with your fellow bowls club members come along and be sure of a friendly welcome.

**** WE'RE OPEN ****


***** Come and check us out *****
The club has been redecorated and looks good.
The photos don't do it justice so come and criticise in person!
Opening Times:
Fri 1800 - 2300hrs
Sat 2000 - 2300
Sun 1300 - 1800




Covid-19 Rule Change

Amendment to Adderbury Bowls Club Covid-19 Rules.
As a result of Supplementary Guidance from Bowls England dated 2nd June 2020, a rink can now be used for doubles play, with four players on one rink observing social distancing with one another. There will be a limit of eight players in total using the green at any time which will be regulated by the Booking Coordinator.

Letter from ABC President

Dear Adderbury Bowls Club Member, 

Following the limited lifting of restrictions on outdoor sports facilities announced by the Government last week, the Bowls Club Committee has agreed that we can now reopen the green but subject to very stringent conditions of use. We understand that other clubs in the area are about to reopen in a similar manner. 

We have formulated some Club Rules which closely follow the guidance of a Bowls England document, issued on 14th May, and it is essential that everyone reads these rules and the Bowls England guidance document which are attached. A rink can only be used either by one individual for practice or two people playing a singles game provided they socially distance themselves from each other during play (unless they are members of the same household). 

Please note that members bowl at their own risk and Adderbury Bowls Club cannot accept any liability. 

Rinks will only be available to paid up bowling members of the club (2020 subs paid) who agree to adhere to the club rules. Bookings to be made in advance for fixed time slots by phone to Mick Jelfs 07903 955047, see the club rules for full details. Those over 70 or clinically vulnerable are advised to look at the Bowls England guidance. 

The green still needs some preparation and we are in the process of obtaining signage to emphasise the need for social distancing and sanitising hands and equipment but we hope to be open for bookings within a week and possibly by the coming bank holiday Monday, so please look at our website for confirmation and any further announcements. 

We recognise that these rules for using the green will seem heavy and very restrictive but we trust that all our members will now be accustomed to social distancing at supermarkets etc, and will fully understand the need to be very careful about conducting any activities outside our own homes to protect us from contracting the Covid-19 virus. 

Nevertheless, happy bowling to those of you who can resume play! 

Mick Jelfs
President of Adderbury Bowls Club 

14th May 2020: Covid-19 – Supplementary Guidance for Lawn Bowls Clubs