Wednesday 19th June at home to Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service

We were pleased to welcome our friends from the Fire and Rescue Service as most of them are known to us and play for other clubs in the area.  It was a very pleasant evening, possibly the best one this season for an evening match, and credit and thanks must be given to the mowing team and everyone involved as the green looked great and played well.  The Captain's thanks are also extended to John Standen and Jamie Wilkinson who came up to watch and kindly agreed to play for the opposition when one of their players failed to turn up and another had to come off the green due to an injury.
We won on three rinks with the fourth being drawn giving us a winning score of 82 - 45.
Rink 1
Mick Wilkins, Tony Bird and Bryan Ogilvie took 10 ends and were cruising after 14 ends being 14 - 6 up but took their foot off the gas enabling the opposition to take the last four ends with a total of eight points to square the game at 14 all.
Rink 2
Yvonne Twomey, Norman Oakey and Chris Twomey got off to a slow start but some good scoring in the middle section resulted in their securing 11 ends for a 24 - 11 victory.
Rink 3
Paul Christmas, Claudia Stokes and Mark Stokes had a fairly tight game, picked up 10 ends, and came out on top winning by four points 16 - 12.
Rink 4
David Drinkwater, Richard Lawrence and Ted Eley will want to claim the bragging rights as they took 13 ends and kept the pressure up to turn in the best performance of the night with a 20 point margin of victory 28 - 8.
As ever thanks must be given to Jenny Bird, and her assistant Tony, for running the bar on what was a busy night with a fair few spectators who took advantage of the good weather to enjoy a leisurely evening.

Saturday 15th June away to Carterton

Last Saturday saw us travel to Carterton, unfortunately Kevin had to pull out at the last minute because of illness, but Carterton loaned us a player in order for us to play the 5 triples, as per the fixture.  The weather looked 'iffy' to say the least and we travelled through rain most of the way, but fortunately the afternoon turned out to be nice and sunny, if a little breezy, which apparently was much better than the weather here in Adderbury.  As mentioned, the weather was very good, which is more than can be said for the result, as we were well and truly 'stuffed' by a very strong Carterton side,111-58 with all 5 triples losing, the only thing worth celebrating was Mark's 50th birthday!
Rink 1  -  Lead  -  Claudia Stokes
               No. 2  -  Dave Drinkwater
               Skip    -  Bryan Ogilvie
We struggled throughout, but the game was very close for the first 8 ends, when the score was 5-5, but unfortunately the wheels fell off after that and we went down 18-9
Rink 2  -  Lead  -  Steve Clarke
               No. 2  -  Norman Oakey
               Skip    -  Dave Bryant
Dave was seemingly in for an absolute drubbing, with 3 ends to play he was 23-6 down, but scored 10 over the last 3 ends, with a 7 on the last end, thereby only losing 23-16.
Rink 3  -  Lead  -  Yvonne Twomey
               No. 2  -  Tony Bird
               Skip    -  Chris Twomey
Unfortunately Chris's triple were never really in, winning only 4 ends, they were 23-3 down with 2 ends to play but, like Dave's triple they won the last 2 ends, picking up 5 shots and eventually going down 23-10.
Rink 4  -  Lead  -  Hannah O'Donoghue
               No. 2  -  James O'Donoghue
               Skip    -  Mark Stokes
It was nice to see Hannah and James back on the green and they put up the best performance of the afternoon and, although only winning 7 ends they only went down by 1 shot picking up 6 shots over the last 3 ends and eventually going down 18-17.
Rink 5  -  Lead  -  Terry Thomas (from Carterton)
               No. 2  -  John Standen
               Skip    -  Graham Tyrrell
Like every other triple Graham struggled all afternoon and unfortunately when they lost an end, they lost heavily and went down 29-6.
Albeit the result was a heavy defeat, the game was played in a very friendly atmosphere and it is sad to say that we only play them once a season, something which I think we should try and change for future seasons.  I did mention this at the end and their fixtures secretary was there, so hopefully we can see what can be done.

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