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Match reports


Witney Mills Home, Saturday 25th June


We entertained the team from Witney Mills on Saturday, the skys were rather cloudy with a hint of rain and it was also quite windy, but fortunately we only had a few spots of rain during the afternoon and we rain out convincing winners by 90 shots to 41.


Rink 1  -  Lead  -  Norman Oakey

                No. 2  -  Cliff Hall

                No. 3  -  Erica Brown

                Skip    -  Malcolm Brown

We started off rather slowly, winning only 2 of the first 8 ends to trail 7-2, but everything changed after the 8th end and we went on to win 8 of the next 10 ends to run out comfortable winners 20-9.


Rink 2  -  Lead  -  Yvonne Twomey

                No. 2  -  Peter Wells

                No. 3  -  Pete Griffin

                Skip    -  Chris Twomey

A very closely fought game and although Chris won 11 ends the final score was 14-10.


Rink 3  -  Lead  -  Tony Bird

                No. 2  -  Dave Drinkwater

                No. 3  -  Phil French

                Skip    -  Bryan Ogilvie

Another close game for the first 13 ends, when the visitors went 12-11 ahead, but we then went on to win the remaining 5 ends to run out convincing winners 22-12.


Rink 4  -  Lead  -  Jill Hart

                No. 2  -  George Sainsbury

                No. 3  -  Tom Clark

                Skip    -  Ted Eley

Although Ted let the opposition win 7 of the 18 ends they were never in trouble and ran away with the game running out convincing winners 34-10.


The only problem on the day was the choice of the rinks which, I doubt we will use again, as some of the ‘runs’ were quite difficult to read.


Tuesday 28th June away at Banbury Central.


Our visit to our near neighbours at Banbury Central was on a fairly chilly evening, hardly late June weather, but mercifully dry. The Captain was indebted to Graham Tyrrell and Trevor Stevens for stepping into the breach at very short notice following the withdrawal of two players through illness. We were expecting a tough game but managed to win on 3 rinks and claim a victory by 20 points with a score of 81 - 61.


Peter Briggs, George Sainsbury, Pete Sutton and Tom Clark were up against strong opposition and won 7 ends but went down 14 - 25.


Trevor Stevens, Cliff Hall, Graham Tyrrell and Phil French picked up 11 ends and ran out winners 21 - 16.


Tony Bird, Norman Oakey, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie halved the ends with better scores than their opponents who seemed to pick up singles which enabled us to come home victors 19 - 10.


Yvonne Twomey, Peter Wells, Dave Bryant and Chris Twomey won 12 ends and thoroughly demoralised their opposition by picking up three 5s to romp home by a margin of 17 points 27 - 10. Mention must be made of Peter Wells' performance as he pushed out Central's shot bowl on at least half a dozen times to give us a strong platform on which to build an overall victory.


No doubt they will be looking for revenge on the return fixture on 1st September.