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2019 Season Statistics

2019 Bowling Stats
Shots For
Shots Against
Points For
Points Against
Second in the league and promoted to League 1.
Shots For 
Shots Against
Retained the Vic Barney and Reg Green Shield 
1 game indoors. Our annual match at Woodgreen
2 games Rained Off. Chadlington and Charlbury
5 games Cancelled. Wychwood, Long Hanborough, Carterton, West Witney and Charlbury
In House Competitions
Crofton Cup 
Graham Tyrrell/C Skidmore(jnr)
Riddel Cup 
Pete Griffin
Webb Cup
Brian Ray
Chris Twomey
Harper Cup
Phil Gladden
Arlett Cup
Dave Allington/Nigel Eley
Oliver Cup
Dave Allington
Palmer Cup
Roy Dickson
Plester Cup
Chris Twomey, Paul Jelfs and Dave Drinkwater
County Competitions
County 2 Wood                 Darren Sharpe
Invitation Competitions
Burma Star                       Roy Dickson, Jill Hart, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie
JR Memorial Shield            Shipston on Stour

Match Reports 2019


Saturday 28th September
The season came to an end with the usual Captain v President game.  Mick and Bryan had a little trouble at the end trying to make up the numbers and then found out on the day we had 1 more than they thought, however huge thanks must go to Steve Goodenough who graciously stood down at the last minute, but stayed to watch the games.
As usual teams were drawn 'blind' by Mick and Bryan on the day, the only exceptions were that Mick had young Finlay on his rink and Bryan took Jean Townsend on his team, as it was her first game for the club.  The number of players we had meant that we were able to play 3 rinks and 1 triple and thankfully, after the bad weather during the week it stayed fine all afternoon.
Rink 1 saw the President against the Captain, but unfortunately Mick and his team just could not get going and could only manage to win 6 ends and eventually went down 22-12, I have to say this had nothing to do with how young Finlay played, it was his fellow players who let him down.
On Rink 2 we had the mid-week captain Chris, playing of course for the Captains side, paired against the league captain Ted, playing for the Presidents side.  I will not dwell on the result, suffice to say Ted played most of the game with his head in his hands!
Rink 3 was a much closer affair with Tom Clark's side, playing for the Presidents team against Malcolm Brown's team playing for the Captains side.  I can't say it was the experience of Malcolm's team, but it was certainly their maturity (in age), which won the day, winning 20-16.
Rink 4 was the triple and here too the ends were hard fought, Phil Gladden's team, playing for the Captains team won 10 ends, whilst Chris Skidmore's team playing for the Presidents team won 8, but Phil scored more heavily on his winning ends and won 17-10.
A comprehensive win therefore for the Captains side, but as usual the game was played in a very convivial atmosphere.  Thanks to everyone who took part, especially to Len Selby, Alan Roche Jean Townsend and young Finlay.  We hope Finlay continues to enjoy the game and look forward to him joining on a regular basis when he gets a little older.  As for Jean we hope to see her, and her husband take part in more games next season.
The afternoon was completed by a most excellent meal, provided by Janet and ably assisted by Anita and Claudia, and not forgetting Derek's help behind the bar.  We look forward to another successful season next year.
Dennis Roberts, Jean Townsend, Dave Allington and Bryan Ogilvie
Yvonne Twomey, Finlay Jelfs, Nigel Eley and  Mick Jelfs
22 -12
Peter Miller, Alan Roche, Phil French and Chris Twomey
Peter Wells, Trevor Stevens, Graham Tyrrell and Ted Eley 
34 - 8
Terry Mold, John Holt, Chris Holmes and Malcolm Brown
Roy Dickson, Jill Hart, Paul Jelfs and Tom Clark
 20 - 16
Len Selby, Chris Skidmore (Jnr) and Phil Gladden
Tony Collett, Dave Salter and Chris Skidmore (Snr)
17 - 10
Overall Score  -  Captain 93 - President 46

Sunday 22nd September
Finals Day Part 2
The day started nicely enough, dry and warm, but of course it couldn’t last.
This was a club finals day, it would have been nice if more of our members had made the effort to come along to support the finalists.
The Harper Cup 2 wood final between Phil Gladden and Darren Sharpe was the first of the 4 finals to be played.
Phil stormed away and had a 13:1 lead after 10 ends, Darren came back and got within 2 shots but a 1 on the 20th end sealed a victory for Phil G. (20 ends so far)
The Arlett Cup Pairs final was next with Dave Allington and Nigel Eley playing Phil Gladden (again) and Chris Holmes.
This was a very wet affair needing full wets. Nuggets pair got off to a good start and were 9 up after 6 ends but Phil’s pair responded quickly with a 4 and a 3 to get themselves close. Nuggets side got a 6 shot lead but again Phil came back to level 14 all at 13 ends, but two 4s in the next 5 ends were too much and the match was conceded on the 19th end to Nugget and Dave.
(Phil G 39 ends)
The Oliver Cup final was between Dave Allington (again) and  Chris Twomey.
Dave got off to good start with two 3s and a 1. Chris struggled to reduce that 7 point lead over the next 18 ends with Dave victorious on the 22nd end.
The Palmer Cup (Handicap) final was between Roy Dickson  and Phil Gladden (yes again!).
Phil had to score 28 to Roys 21 (ain’t handicaps wonderful when they are in your favour!). The game ebbed and flowed right to the end with Phil gradually reeling in the handicap difference.
20 to 27 on the 26th end brought it down to a one end match and both bowlers bowled well on a long jack with Roy just nudging out Phils holding bowl.
(Phil G bowled an astonishing 66 ends on the day)

Saturday 21st September
Our last Saturday game saw us host Witney Town to the second leg of the "Vic Barney and Reg Green Shield" in absolute perfect conditions with the Green playing very fast. We had a winning margin of 46 points to take into the second leg and managed a 20 point victory on the day of 126 - 106, thereby retaining the trophy.
Phil Gladden and Chris Twomey's rinks won by 21 and 18 points respectively with the other four just failing but the overall result was never in doubt. Special thanks were extended to Chris Skidmore junior who kindly volunteered as a late replacement on the day.
Dennis Roberts, Trevor Stevens, Dave Allington and Phil Gladden 31 - 10
Yvonne Twomey, John Hermon, Pauls Jelfs and Chris Twomey 26 - 8
Ged Sutton, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Dave Salter 16 - 22
David Drinkwater, Chris Skidmore(jnr), Chris Holmes and Mick Jelfs 16 - 21
Peter Miller, Roy Dickson, Cliff Hall and Chris Skidmore(snr) 18 - 21
Peter Wells, Terry Mold, Ian Dunn and Tom Clark 19 - 24.

Adderbury on Tour
Day 1
Friday 13th September - Bournemouth Electric Bowls Club
The president decided that the date should live up to its reputation and give all the drivers different postcodes to the venue. Result - late start.
Phil Gs triple got off to a slow start but run out comfortable winners.
Dave A got a reasonable start but then only managed 2 shots in 10 ends with the opposition picking up 2s and 3s.
Graham Ts triple were competitive until the tea and biscuit break picking up a lonely shot in the second 9. (We don’t know what was in the tea!)
Phil Fs triple had a poor start and were 16 - 2  down at the tea break. They had a different pot for their tea and stormed out in the second 9 with a 3 a 4 and a 5. Still 7 down with 2 ends to play tho. Unbelievably scored a 7 on the 17th end to draw level but dreams were shattered in the 18th and lost to 1 shot.
Tony Collett, Len Selby and Phil Gladden.  22 - 9
Chris Holmes, Alan Roche and Dave Allington.  15 - 21
Mick Jelfs, Bill Dowling and Graham Tyrrell.  9 - 22
Roy Dickson, John Lloyd and Phil French.  22 - 23 
Overall 64 - 76
Day 2
Saturday 14th September - Iford Bridge Bowls Club
No problems with postcodes this time, we even got off to an early start on a heavy green. One of our skips asked his lead not play long jacks to allow the opponents to reach!
Dave As triple had a comfortable afternoon stopping the opponents from scoring for 8 ends  on the trot.
Phil Gs band were also comfortable winners picking up 10 shots on the last 3 ends.
Chris Hs triple appeared to be cruising to a very comfortable win until the tea break. This time the opponents fought back but the lead was enough for an Adderbury win.
Phil F again had a slow start but again a second half comeback picking up 10 shots in 3 ends to actually take the lead. Disaster struck with Iford picking up a 3 on the 17th to draw level. History repeated itself and they scored 1 shot on the last end.
Mick Jelfs, John Lloyd and Dave Allington.  29 - 12
Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell and Phil Gladden.  24 - 10
Tony Collett, Alan Roche and Chris Holmes.  18 - 14
Len Selby, Bill Dowling and Phil French.  17 - 18
Overall 88 - 54
Day 3
Sunday 15th September - Merrick Park Bowls Club
No hitches with the transport this time although most of us arrived via the golf course!
Rinks this time.
Dave As rink had a tight game with not a lot between them. A 4 on the last end did emphasise the difference.
Phil G had a harder time this game and would have lost if we played 18 ends. They won the  last 3 ends to earn a draw.
Phil F had a steady start and had a 6 shot lead at the 16th. The opponents nibbled away at the lead in the last 5 ends and scored the 2 needed to win on the last end to win by 1 again.
Alan Roche, Tony Collett, Chris Holmes and Dave Allington.  21 - 14
Graham Tyrrell, John Lloyd, Bill Dowling and Phil Gladden. 17 - 17
Mick Jelfs, Roy Dickson, Len Selby and Phil French.  17 - 18
Overall 55 - 49

Saturday 14th September
Saturday saw us entertain Buckingham West End on a glorious afternoon when we were looking to improve on the two point win we managed away in mid May.
The Captain's rink struggled on what proved to be a "tricky wicket " and dropped a six on the 16th end but retaliated by picking a five on the next end and hung on for a draw. Rink 2 were always in charge whereas rink 3 dropped a four on the last end to lose by two points having been ahead for all the game up to that point. The "youngsters" on rink four took four ends to get going and ran out winners despite dropping a five but showed their true mettle by taking a six on the next end. Rink 5 won 2/3rds of the ends and came home streets ahead to help us seal a 24 point victory by 100 - 76.
Yvonne Twomey, Cliff Hall and Chris Twomey. 18 - 18
John Holt, Peter Wells and Tom Clark. 18 - 14
Peter Miller, David Drinkwater and Trevor Steven.s 19 - 21
Terry Mold, John Hermon and Dave Salter. 21 - 13
Ged Sutton, Dennis Roberts and Chris Skidmore. 24 - 10

Saturday 7th September
Considering it was nearing the end of the season with all the Club and County competitions completed, we were still unable to field a full team of 20 away to Witney Mills, struggling to amass 18 only - a very poor show for the amount of players we have on our books.  Witney loaned us 1 player enabling us to play 4 rinks and 1 triple and the game was played in very good spirits albeit we were well and truly beaten 72 - 113.  The strange thing was that, other than Skiddy's rink all the other rinks won 9 ends each.  The captain was never in the game and lost handsomely 27-9. Skiddy also took pity on the opposition and went down 28-14.  Dave almost pulled off a win, but lost 4 shots on the last 2 ends to lose by 1 shot.  The Chairman, who played in the triples was looking good for a win, leading 17-10 after 14 ends, but lost 12 shots over the last 4 ends and succumbed 22-18.  Chris was also in the driving seat, leading 15-12 with 4 ends to play and succeeded in losing the last 4 ends to go down 19-15. 
Tony Collett, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Dave Salter.  16 - 17
Dave (Witney Mills), Dave Allington and Chris Holmes.  18 - 22
Dennis Roberts, David Phipps, Roy Dickson and Chris Skidmore.  14 - 28
Terry Mold, John Holt, Dave Drinkwater and Bryan Ogilvie.  9 - 27
Yvonne Twomey, Bill Dowling, Jill Hart and Chris Twomey.  15 - 19

Sunday 1st September
Finals Day Part 1
Three finals were played in splendid sunshine.
We had Pete Griffin and Mick Jelfs in the Club Championship. (Riddel Cup).
Brian Ray and Paul Jelfs in the Non Winners. (Webb Cup) and Chris Twomey and Chris Holmes in the Seniors.
Pete was on song and El Presidenti was not! Pete won 21:13
Brian found his length and line immediately and took a 11:0 lead, Paul eventually found his scoring boots but the gap was too much. Brian ran out the winner 21:8
The battle of the Chris’s took 26 ends to decide and was close all the way.
Chris T was victorious 21:19

Saturday 31st August
Another convincing win for Adderbury against Thame on Saturday, no thanks to the Captain, who struggled all afternoon.  Being 8-1 down after 8 ends, they managed to claw it back to 9 all after 16 ends, but from then on, the wheels fell off, conceding 12 shots in the last 5 ends and going down by 21 shots to 10.  Chris's rink never looked in trouble and came home comfortably by 19 shots to 11.  Tom's rink had an even more convincing win, only losing 7 of the 21 ends and running out comfortable winners by 21 shots to 9.  The Chairman was also on cruise control, going 13-0 up after 8 ends and although losing 7 of the remaining 13 ends won quite easily by 25 shots to 14.  The 3 rinks between them saving the embarrassment of the Captain and making the overall score 75-55.
Terry Mold, John Holt, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie.  10 - 21
Yvonne Twomey, Dave Drinkwater, Trevor Stevens and Chris Twomey.  19 - 11
Ged Sutton, Roy Dickson, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark. 21 - 9
Dennis Roberts, Peter Wells, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Holmes.  25 - 14

Friday 30th August
Today saw an Adderbury triple versus the Flag Pole. The Adderbury side got off to a cracking start and the turf was cut beautifully. The Flag Pole fought back though and the concrete base made a fight of it, the Adderbury jack hammer nearly brought it to its knees but the concrete had strength in depth. Adderbury had no reserves to call on and had to concede. (Evidence in the gallery)
Adderbury 0 Flag Pole 1

Thursday 29th August
For the second time in 48 hours we hosted a Banbury team in the shape of Central who came with four triples and were looking for revenge following the 2 point loss that they suffered at home towards the end of June. Rink 1 with Bryan Ogilvie in charge were never troubled ending up with 22 point victory. The Captain's squad on rink 2 just scrapped home by a point, but a win is a win. Chris Holmes on rink 3 put up a good performance to win by 10 points and rink 4 were up against stiff opposition going down by a similar margin. The overall result was an Adderbury win 77 - 54 and everyone enjoyed the game played in good conditions and in a friendly manner.
Peter Wells, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie 32 - 10
Yvonne Twomey, Cliff Hall and Chris Twomey 16 - 15
Ged Sutton, Dave Drinkwater and Chris Holmes 19 - 9
Peter Miller, Dennie Roberts and Trevor Stevens 10 - 20.

Tuesday 27th August
This evening saw us play host to Banbury Borough on what turned out to be a good night for bowls and Adderbury as we ran out winners by 95 points to their 68 thereby giving us the double over them for the year.
Rink 1 with Phil French in charge ran out comfortable winners by eight points which more than made up for the Captain's squad who lost by two points having been well in charge for over half the game. Rinks 3 and 4 with Ian Dunn and Tom Clark at the controls won by eight and five points respectively and Bryan Ogilvie's quartet also came home winners by eight points.
Peter Miller, Tony Collett, Trevor Stevens and Phil French.  25 - 17
Yvonne Twomey, Norman Oakey, Chris Holmes and Chris Twomey.  14 - 16
Dave Phipps, Peter Wells, Cliff Hall and Ian Dunn.  19 - 11
Ged Sutton, Dave Drinkwater, Roy Dickson and Tom Clark.  19 - 14
Jill Hart, Dennis Roberts, Graham Tyrrell and Bryan Ogilvie . 18 - 10

Saturday 24th August
No problem with numbers for the return fixture against Kineton, as both teams decided on it being a 5 triples event.  As it turned out, not only was it a beautifully sunny afternoon, Adderbury were just as 'hot' running out massive winners by 110 shots to 50.  For a change the Captain led the way and was 16-0 ahead after the first 9 ends and only let the opposition win 4 ends and finished up winning by 23 shots to 4.  Chris had much the same result, leading 19-1 after 11 ends and he too only let the opposition win 4 ends and finished up winning by 28 shots to 6.  Skiddie was a little kinder allowing the opposition to win 6 ends but, after lulling them into a false sense of security, only leading 11-9 after 13 ends, went on to win the remaining 5 ends and came out winners by 23 shots to 9.  Tom made more of a game of it and, after conceding a 7 on the 6th end and trailing at that time 10-5 after 7 ends only let the opposition win another 4 ends and came out victors by 19 shots to 15.  The Chairman  tried hard to lose his match, being 16-9 ahead with 4 ends to play, hung on to win by 1 shot 17-16.
Norman Oakey, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore.   23 - 9
Yvonne Twomey, Roy Dickson and Chris Twomey.  28 - 6
John Holt, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Holmes.  17 - 16
Ged Sutton, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  19 - 15
Terry Mold, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie.   23 - 4

Thursday 22nd August
A very embarrassing start to this particular game in that, with all the players we have on our books, we could only muster a meagre 10 players but, thankfully Byfield came to the rescue by loaning us 3 of their members.  As it happened, the 3 they loaned us played out of their skins and helped us to a comfortable win by 76 shots to 48.  Graham's rink left it late to overcome the opposition, being 15-13 down with 3 ends to play, but scored two 4's to eventually win 21-16. Chris's rink kept it close for the first 10 ends, leading 8-7, but stormed away over the last 8 ends to win 19-9.  Cliff's rink with the help of Val from Byfield were convincing winners, only letting the opposition win 4 of the 18 ends and coming out victors by 24 shots to 6.  The Captain however decided to take pity on the opposition and, after a close game all the way, being 12 all with 2 ends to play they lost the last 2 ends and went down 17-12.
Dennis Roberts, Trish (Byfield) and Graham Tyrrell.  21 - 16
Avril (Byfield), John Holt, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie.  12 - 17
Dave Drinkwater, Val (Byfield) and Cliff Hall.  24 - 6
Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Chris Holmes.  19 - 9

Tuesday 20th August
Tuesday saw us at Chadlington and, whilst the views are quite outstanding ,in the words of their Captain, the green was "interesting". Overall score 61 - 63.
Rink 2 were going quite well at two thirds distance but lost the last five ends conceding 13 points in the process. Rink 3 were always in control showing no mercy running out winners by 11 points. Rink 5 only just fell short of the mark and the Captain's squad on rink 6 managed a draw.
Jill Hart, George Sainsbury and Joe Wright. 12 - 21
Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Malcolm Brown . 21 - 10
Dennis Roberts, Norman Oakey and Chris Holmes.  12 - 16
Yvonne Twomey, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Twomey.  16 - 16.

Saturday 17th August
Another convincing win for Adderbury against OUP by 101 shots to 59, but yet again the opposition could only muster 12 players, instead of the scheduled 16 and therefore we had to loan them 2 of our players, Ged and Norman agreed to stand in for them, for which I am very grateful.  It meant that instead of the scheduled 4 rinks, we had to play 2 rinks and 2 triples, but all rinks were successful.  Tom's triple got off to a flier and after 9 ends were 13-0 in the lead, they obviously took their foot off the gas for the remaining 9 ends and came home winners by 18 shots to 14. Skiddies  triple started even stronger and, after 8 ends were leading 19-1 and never eased off, winning by a convincing 32 shots to 8. Chris's rink too stormed into a huge lead and after 14 ends were 22-5 ahead, he too took his foot off the gas and eventually came out winners by 24 shots to 15.  On the other hand,, the Captain struggled on his rink and found themselves 11-2 down after 6 ends, they clawed their way back and going into the final end the scores were level at 22 shots each and they had a 'stella' last end winning by 5 shots.
Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie.  27 - 22
Yvonne Twomey, Jill Hart, Ian Dunn and Chris Twomey.  24 - 15
George Sainsbury, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore.  32 - 8
Phil French, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  18 - 14

Tuesday 13th August
Following two successive defeats we were due a win and our squad delivered on Tuesday evening at Woodford-cum-Membris with a resounding victory by 48 points with a score of 90 - 42. Our hosts were unable to find a full team and we lent them Yvonne Twomey and Roy Dickson who were kind enough to "volunteer". This meant that we had to play two rinks and two triples but the match was never in doubt. Joe Wright's triple on rink 1 were always in command winning by 15 points. Rink 2 with Tom Clark at the helm kept plugging away winning by 5 shots. The Captain's triple on rink 3 had their share of luck, although they would say it was down to skill, romping home by a margin of 18 points and the rink on 4 lead by Bryan Ogilvie had an impressive victory by 10 shots as a result of keeping the pressure on the opposing President.
Dennis Roberts, Chris Holmes and Joe Wright. 25 - 10
Norman Oakey, Peter Wells, Trevor Stevens and Tom Clark. 17 -12
Jill Hart, George Sainsbury and Chris Twomey. 29 -11
Peter Miller, Dave Drinkwater, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie. 19 - 9.

Saturday 10th August
I am afraid the weather didn't save us at Little Compton on Saturday, although we had to come off for 2 rain breaks, we suffered our heaviest defeat of the season, going down 61-105.  The green however had a lot to do with the result, as it left a lot to be desired, albeit it has always been the same.
You could say it was their revenge, as we beat them comprehensively when they came to Adderbury in April 94-63.  Although it was a heavy defeat, we did actually manage to win on 2 of the 4 rinks.  Unfortunately Tom had to play on his favourite rink and Chris was against one of the county pairs champions, that's their excuse anyway!  Tom's rink only managed to win 6 of the 21 ends and went down 37-8.  Chris blamed the 2nd interruption of rain for his defeat as they were 3-3 after 4 ends, but staying in the hunt, being only 18-12 down after 12 ends, they lost the remaining 9 ends and went down 36-12.  The captain was never behind in his game and went on to win 22-15.  Malcolm's rink started off badly going 6-1 down after 4 ends and were 13-9 down after 13, but dug deep and went on to win 19-17.  I would also like to say a massive thank you to Peter Miller who stepped in at the eleventh hour, when unfortunately Steve was unable to play.
Norman Oakey, Trevor Stevens, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  8 - 37
Yvonne Twomey, Dave Drinkwater, Chris Holmes and Chris Twomey.  12 -36
Terry Mold, Peter Miller, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie.  22 -15
Dennis Roberts, Jill Hart, George Sainsbury and Malcolm Brown.  22 -15

Friday 9th August

Hawker Cup.
Another win for Adderbury! Into the finals day on 25th August at Oxford City and County Bowls Club. The semi-final opponents are City and County B,  let’s hope that being at home isn’t too advantageous to the opposition.


Thursday 8th August
Last Thursday saw us travel to Fenny Compton to experience their rustic and challenging green. Local knowledge was worth at least five points per rink and we came home second by 43 : 51 which was a vast improvement on the 40 point deficit we suffered on the home leg.
Rink 1 trailed all the way and even playing against his brother Dave Allington wasn't shown any compassion. Rink 2 were detached for most of the game but came to life on the final end by picking up a 6 to add a degree of respectability to the score. Bragging rights went to rink 3 who ran out winners by 2 points also shining on the last end with a 5 to push them over the line.
John Holt, Dave Drinkwater, Roy Dickson and Dave Allington 12 - 20
Yvonne Twomey, Dennis Roberts, George Sainsbury and Chris Twomey 15 - 17
Jill Hart, Peter Miller, Norman Oakey and Trevor Stevens 16 - 14.

Thursday 8th August
Adderbury v Headington B
Overall Score 78 - 55
In the final league match in Division 2 Phil’s rink got off to a slow start 8 down after 4 ends and even though the opposition won 11 of the 18 ends they were out scored on the ends they lost. Teds and Chris’s rinks both got off to good starts and maintained their leads throughout. Darren’s rink was much tighter, coming from 10-13 down on the 14th end to lead 16-13 on the 17th it looked like a sure fire win but a 3 from Headington salvaged a draw.
Nigel Eley, C. I. Skidmore, J Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe. 16 - 16
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden. 22 - 17
Bryan Ogilvie, Brian Ray, Tom Clark and Ted Eley. 16 - 10
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore. 24 - 12
League Points: Adderbury 5.5  Headington B  0.5

Tuesday 6th August
On Tuesday afternoon we entertained Middle Barton in a rain interrupted game which saw us run out winners by 34 points with final score being 97 - 63 . This more than made up for 13 point loss we suffered away earlier in the season.
Rinks 1 and 2, skipped by Bryan Ogilvie and Chris Twomey respectively, were never troubled and won handsomely. Chris Skidmore on rink 3 started slowly but picked up a "magnificent seven" on the 11th end which set them on course for a well deserved win. Rink 4, with Phil French at the helm, were behind most of the way and managed to win three of the last four ends picking up 13 points in the process to steal a five point victory.
Ged Sutton, Dennis Roberts, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie 23 - 12
Yvonne Twomey, Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Twomey 27 - 12
Peter Wells, Steve Goodenough, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore 25 - 22
Jill Hart, John Holt, George Sainsbury and Phil French 22 - 17

Saturday 3rd August
Another convincing victory for Adderbury by 122-89.  The afternoon commenced on a sombre note with both teams partaking in a minutes silence for the death of one of our long serving members, Pete Goodson who died following surgery on Thursday 1st August.  The game was then played in the best of spirits, as is the case when we play the Borough, keen but fair.  It was a full game played over 21 ends with 2 trial ends and threes up.  We had a strong team out, which is always needed against the Borough and Chris Twomey on rink 1 fought back from being 11-6 down after 13 ends to draw his game 15-15.  Phil Gladden on rink 2 got of to a flier, leading 10-0 after 6 ends and never looked like losing, eventually coming out winners 24-17.  Rink 3 was a much tighter game with Ted coming back from 8-1 down after 5 ends and 15-11 down after 17 ends to win 17-15.  The captain on rink 4 obviously took pity on the opposition, noting all the other winning rinks and kept the game close all through and was 2 up playing the last end, but lost it by 4 shots, thereby losing the game 18-16.  Tom Clark on rink 5 got off to a flier, winning the first end by 6 shots and never looked seriously in danger of losing, eventually coming out winners by 26-13.  Darren Sharpe on rink 6 was another rink to start positively and was up 14-4 after 11 ends and ran out easy winners 24-11.  For the 2nd year running this was a big win for Adderbury and no doubt the Borough will look to even the score when they come to us on Tuesday 27th of this month.
Dennis Roberts, Norman Oakey, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey.  15 - 15
Mick Jelfs, John Holt, Pete Griffin and Phil Gladden.  27 - 17
Pete Wells, Dave Drinkwater, Malcolm Brown and Ted Eley.  17 - 15
Terry Mold, Steve Goodenough, Graham Tyrrell and Bryan Ogilvie.  16 - 18
Roy Dickson, Trevor Stevens, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  26 - 13
Nigel Eley, Paul Jelfs, George Sainsbury and Darren Sharpe.  24 - 11


Thursday 1st August
Adderbury v Kidlington
Overall Score 70 - 55
Away to Kidlington Ted and Phils’ rinks had a more comfortable night than Darren and Chris. Chris’ rink did not not pick up a score  until the 7th end but they then managed to close the gap to 2 on the 17th end, they were holding 4 on the 18th to take the game but Jim Feeney drew the 2nd bowl for Kidlington to win the match by 1. Chris Cox did a good job on Darrens rink, 1 down on the match and 1 down on the end but he managed to get shot for the draw.
Bryan Ogilvie, Brian Ray, Tom Clark and Ted Eley. 14 - 9
Nigel Eley, Chris I Skidmore, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe. 17 -17
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore. 14 - 15
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden. 25 - 14
League points Adderbury 4.5 Kidlington 1.5


Friday 26th July
Hawker Cup.
A winning start was made in the defence of the Hawker Cup against a Banbury Central B team. The next opponents are West Oxford and the game is to be played on Friday 9th August.


Thursday 25th July
Adderbury v Charlbury
Overall Score 80 : 50
A comfortable night for two of Adderburys rinks. Phil and Darrens rinks picking up 3’s and 4’s to Charlbury singles.Chris’s rink was well fought and he was 1 behind at the 13th end but a 3,3,2 was enough to take the match even though Charlbury won the last 2 ends. Ted’s rink very nearly didn’t make it but a 1 on the 17th was just enough to make the difference.
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden. 25 - 13
George Sainsbury, Paul Jelfs, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore. 18 - 14
Nigel Eley, Chris I Skidmore, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe. 23 - 9
Bryan Ogilvie, Brian Ray, Tom Clark and Ted Eley. 14 - 13
League Point Adderbury 6 Charlbury 0

Thursday 25th July
Our game at Begbroke started at a temperature 33C on the hottest day of the year and we managed to complete all 18 ends. The green was somewhat challenging and there was a definite "home advantage" which may have been reflected in the score which was a victory to our hosts by a margin of 11 points. John H’s rink nearly managed to turn a 19-1 shot advantage after 10 ends to a loss, but a 2 on the eighteenth end was just enough.
The score was Adderbury 60 and Begbroke 71 but we did have two winning rinks, just!
Peter Miller, Norman Oakey and Trevor Stevens. 13 - 21
Yvonne Twomey, Dave Drinkwater and Chris Twomey. 10 - 15
Steve Goodenough, Jill Hart and Malcolm Brown. 16 - 15
John Holt, Roy Dickson and John Hermon. 21 - 20.

Wednesday 24th July
Burma Star
A very hot afternoon was enjoyed by all who took part in this years competition.
We had to put in a 2nd team at the last minute, as Woodford withdrew on Saturday.  Thanks therefore to Roy Dickson, Jill Hart , John Hermon and Dave Allington for stepping in at the 11th hour.  Bryan decided to skip the team, consisting of Roy, Jill and John, Dave played for the 1st team.  The teams came off after 3 games for some shade and a well earned drink,  The final result came down to the very last game, with last years winners Byfield holding a  5 shot lead over Adderbury's 2nd team, which meant that Adderbury B would require to win by 6 shots to win the trophy.  We picked up 2 shots on the first end and 3 on the 2nd, but dropped a 1 on the 3rd and another 1 on the 4th, 3 shots were therefore required on the last end and fortunately we managed to pick up a 4, meaning that we won the cup by 2 shots. 
Thanks must go to Dave Drinkwater for manning the bar all afternoon and to Chris Holmes who was the scorer. Thanks also to our raffle ticket sellers extraordinaire Pete Wells and Ged Sutton. But the overall winner was the game itself and all who participated said that they had enjoyed the afternoon. We look forward to defending the cup next year.
The £200 collected by the winning team will be donated to The Katherine House Hospice.

Tuesday 23rd July
We were entertained by Banbury Chestnuts on one of the hottest days of the year so far. The green was immaculate and played well which suited us as we ran out winners by 14 points with a score of 72 - 58, thereby enabling us to "do the double" this year as we won by two points on the home leg.
Chris T’s rink struggled against stiff competition and Phil’s rink were denied winning ends when the opposition knocked the jack out to kill the end. Bryan’s rink had the most comfortable evening and Tom C’s rink did what they normally do.
Yvonne Twomey, Peter Briggs, George Sainsbury and Chris Twomey. 13 - 19
Ged Sutton, Roy Dickson, Dave Salter and Phil French. 16 - 16
Steve Goodenough, Peter Wells , Dave Allington and Tom Clark. 16 - 11
Norman Oakey, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Bryan Ogilvie.  27 - 12


Saturday20th July
Another good win was accomplished by Adderbury on Saturday against Woodford Cum Membris by 82 shots to 67, although it was 2-2 in rink results, we outscored them comfortably on shots.  The captain was on rink 1 and, after being 5-4 down after 8 ends, won 12 of the next 13 ends to win by 26 shots to 6.  Rink 2 was a much tighter fought game, but Tom's rink couldn't quite pull back their deficit and went down by the narrowest of margins 19-20.  Rink 4 with George as skip, was a more unusual result as, although Adderbury only won 9 of the 21 ends, they came away quite comfortable winners by 25 shots to 19.  Rink 5, with Phil as skip had a much more difficult afternoon and only managed to win on 8 ends, they were only 2 down after 10 ends, but succumbed 22-12 by the end.
Terry Mold, Steve Goodenough, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie. 26 - 6
Roy Dickson, John Holt, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  19 - 20
Dennis Roberts, Dave Drinkwater, Trevor Stevens and George Sainsbury.  25 - 19
Ged Sutton, Jill Hart, Dave Allington and Phil French.  12 - 22

Tuesday16th July

Tuesday proved to be a delightful evening for our match against Bicester which turned out to be a night of mixed fortunes for us. Phil Frenchs` squad lost despite picking up a five on the penultimate end and Joe Wright's quartet went down by two points in a fairly even game. Ian Dunn's rink were all but even after 14 ends but ran out winners by 16 points after a final charge. The Captain's band were never in trouble and romped home by a margin of 24 points to give us a 98 - 72 victory which more than made up for our three point loss in early May at Bicester.

Jill Hart, Ged Sutton, Pete Griffin and Phil French  14 - 26
Roy Dickson, Chris Holmes, Dave Salter and Joe Wright  17 - 19
Norman Oaket, Peter Wells, Cliff Hall and Ian Dunn  32 - 16
Yvonne Twomey, Peter Briggs, John Hermon and Chris Twomey  35 - 11

Wednesday 10th July

Adderbury v Chipping Norton
Overall Score 92:63
Adderbury continued their newfound winning ways at Chipping Norton. The changed date was agreed between the clubs because Chippy were on tour.
Phil Gladdens rink made an unbelievable start with a lead of 26 shots after 8 ends. Tom Clarks rink were unlucky dropping 3 shots on the last 2 ends after fighting back to 14 all. Chris Skidmores rink had the most comfortable night after a tight first half. Darren Sharpes rink had a frightener on the 16th end dropping 7 shots and allowing Chippy to take the lead by 1 but an Adderbury 4 on the penultimate end was enough to secure victory.
Mick Jelfs, G Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden.  29 - 17
Bryan Ogilvie, Dave Allington, Brian Ray and Tom Clark. 14 - 17
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore. 29 - 11
George Sainsbury, Nigel Eley, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe. 20 - 18


League Points: Adderbury 5 Chipping Norton 1


Saturday 6th July

An overcast day at Kineton, but not enough to dampen the enthusiasm and end result.  It was utter confusion from the start, they said they were 2 short which, we thought would be easy, us lending them 1 player and having 19 each, giving us 4 rinks and 1 triple.  Unfortunately they had the game as 5 triples and not 5 rinks and therefore only had 13 players.  Their captain had little idea of how to overcome this situation and it was left to Bryan to suggest we loan them 3 players and play 3 triples and 2 rinks with one of their rinks having only 3 players, with their lead and No. 2 bowling 3 woods and their skip 2.  Eventually we started the game at 2.45pm and all rinks played 18 ends.  The 3 loaned players played with the Kineton captain against Bryan's rink.  They began very well and after 8 ends it was 5 all, they then must have realised who should win the game and obviously let the Adderbury captain win 17-9, very magnanimously.  Chris Holmes triple battled well, but lost 7 over the last 4 ends to go down 18-8.  Chris Twomey's triple were in it up to the end, but lost 2 on the last end to go down 16-13.  Tom Clark's rink, who played against their 3 stayed in the game throughout but eventually succumbed 18-12. The hero was once again Malcolm Brown's triple who were always leading and romped home 26-9, giving an overall result of a win for Adderbury 76-70.

Peter Wells, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Holmes.  8 - 18
Yvonne Twomey, Roy Dickson and Chris Twomey.  13 - 16
Ian Dunn, Ray Puddle, Dave Allington and Tom Clark.  12 - 18
Erica Brown, Jill Hart and Malcolm Brown.  26 - 9
Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie.  17 - 9
Loaned playersNorman Oakey, Dennis Roberts and Trevor Stevens

Thursday 4th July
Adderbury v South Oxford
Overall score: 76:45
A welcome return to winning ways for Adderbury at home.
Darren Sharpe and Chris Skidmores rinks had a more comfortable night than Tom Clark and Phil Gladden had on theirs.
Phils rink had a poor first half and trailed 2 to 9 after 8 ends but stormed through in the second half winning 8 ends to 2.
Toms rink followed a similar pattern to Phils with a much improved last 9 ends.
George Sainsbury, Nigel Eley, Ted Eley and Darren Sharpe.  18 - 7
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore (Snr).  22 - 9
Bryan Ogilvie, Graham Tyrrell, Chris Skidmore (Jnr) and Tom Clark.  19 - 17
Mick Jelfs, Phil French, Brian Ray and Phil Gladden.  17 - 12
League Points: Adderbury 6 South Oxford 0

Tuesday 2nd July

Our midweek fixture was against our near neighbours across the fields at Bloxham on what was an enjoyable if not chilly night, despite our trailing in 63 points to 75. This meant that we were honours even for the season as we had a victory margin of 35 points on the home leg.

Peter Briggs, Ray Puddle and Malcolm Brown 11 - 22
Roy Dickson, Trevor Stevens and Joe Wright 12 - 20
Norman Oakey, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie 14 - 18
Yvonne Twomey, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Twomey 26 - 15.

Saturday 29th June

Unfortunately West Witney could only muster 10 players for the game and so we loaned them 3 of our members and played 1 rink and 3 triples.  They obviously played well, as 2 of the 3 rinks they were loaned to won their games.  In fact it was a complete reversal of last weeks result whereby we won 4 of the 5 rinks last week and lost the game, this week we lost 3 of the 4 rinks and won the game.  Each of the games was played over 18 ends and, because of the extremely hot weather we came off after 9 ends to sit in the shade and take refreshments, which was most welcome.  We also welcomed a new bowler to our midst, Norman Oakey, who we hope enjoyed his game and will continue to turn out for us in the future. The captain had an extremely close game with his counterpart conceding 1 on the last 2 ends to go down 12-10. Chris Holmes, who played in the only rink fought back from 22-11 down after 15 ends, to lose by only 5 shots 23-18.  Chris Twomey unfortunately lost 6 shots over the last 2 ends to go down 19-11.  The big winners of the afternoon were Malcolm Brown's triple with Chris Skidmore and Phil French, who conceded only 4 of the 18 ends and romped home 28-8.  Overall result Adderbury 67 West Witney(Plus) 62

John Holt, Peter Wells and Bryan Ogilvie.  10 - 12
Terry Mold, Steve Goodenough, John Hermon and Chris Holmes.  18 - 23
Chris Skidmore, Phil French and Malcolm Brown.  28 - 8 
Yvonne Twomey, Norman Oakey and Chris Twomey.  11 - 19 
Loaned players: Roy Dickson, Dave Drinkwater and Cliff Hall

Thursday 27th June

Adderbury v City and County A

Overall Score:  59 - 71

The trip to City and County turned into a total disaster for Adderbury losing on all 4 rinks.
Phil Gladdens rink dropping 10 shots in 3 ends at a crucial stage in the match. Tom Clarks rink did not have a good night and lost heavily. Darren Sharpes rink dropped a 3 on the 16th end when at 10 all but could only pull 2 shots back on the last 2 ends. Chris Skidmores rink came close, losing by the 1 shot.
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden.  18 - 23
Bryan Ogilvie, Chris Skidmore (Jnr),Brian Ray and Tom Clark.  7 - 23
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe.  12 - 13
Nigel Eley, Pete Griffin, Ted Eley and Chris Skidmore.  12 - 13

League Points Adderbury 0 City and County A 6

Wednesday 26th June

It was good to meet up with Old Friends from the Oxon Fire and Rescue Service for our annual game. We could have done with them bringing a fire as we played in near Arctic conditions, hardly the weather for late June. That said, we had a very enjoyable evening and ended up just scraping home by three points with a 63 - 60 win.

John Holt, Ged Sutton and Phil Gladden.  8 - 29
Yvonne Twomey, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Twomey.  18 - 11
Peter Briggs, Tony Collett and Joe Wright.  18 - 10
Steve Goodenough, Trevor Stevens and Chris Holmes.  19 - 10

Tuesday 25th June

We were hosted by our near neighbours at Banbury Central on a somewhat  indifferent evening of weather despite it being late June.  That said, we managed a small victory by 78 points to 76 by virtue of our two successful rinks winning by seven points despite the other three all going down by four points.

Steve Goodenough, Roy Dickson, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore.  16 - 20
Tony Collett, Chris Holmes andMalcolm Brown.  11 - 15
Yvonne Twomey, Ray Puddle, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey.  12 - 16
Peter Briggs, Trevor Stevens, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  20 - 13
Jill Hart, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Bryan Ogilvie.  19 - 12.

Saturday 22nd June

What a pleasant surprise not having to play in either thermals or wets.  The game was played in the right spirit and the end result was extremely close.  Malcolm's rink claimed a one shot victory by taking 5 shots over the last 2 ends and Frenchy's rink were all square going into the last end and with the opposition holding 4 shots, with his penultimate wood he drew the jack (with a teeny weeny wick) to win the end and the game.  The Captain and Chris's rinks had comfortable wins, albeit both squandered big leads near the end which proved costly in the end because although we won 4 of the 5 rinks, Tom's rink suffered a heavy defeat, winning only 4 of the 21 ends and going down by 22 shots, which meant that the overall score was 91 to 88 in Witney Mills favour.

Yvonne Twomey,  Graham Tyrrell, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey.  28 - 15
Dennis Roberts, Ray Puddle, Erica Brown and Malcolm Brown.  18 - 17
Terry Mold, John Holt, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie.  21 - 17
Peter Wells,  Jill Hart, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  6 - 28
Roy Dickson, Tony Collett, Chris Holmes and Phil French.  15 - 14

Thursday 20th June
Adderbury v Headington B
Overall score: 71 - 73
Not a good night for Adderbury at Headington, especially with City and County A not playing and a chance to top the division with a good result.
The overall result was quite close but not enough to earn a point.
In two rinks Headington managed to gain points from losing positions with Tom Clarks rink only managing to score 3 shots in the last 9 ends and Darren Sharpes rink conceding a 7 on the 15th end to convert a comfortable win into creditable Headington draw. The “ends won” count was equal on Phil Gladdens rink but Headington just outscored them. Ted Eleys rink was reasonably comfortable with 2 ends winning by 5 shots and 1 by 4.
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden.  15 - 17
Bryan Ogilvie, Pete Griffin, Chris Skidmore and Ted Eley.  24 - 17
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe.  18 - 18
Chris Skidmore(Jnr), Dave Allington, Brian Ray and Tom Clark.  14 - 21
League Points: Adderbury 1.5 - Headington 4.5

Saturday 15th June

The weather tried again to prevent us from playing on Saturday at Carterton, but we were very lucky in that, after everyone had donned their 'wets', the rain relented after the first 2 ends and we played the remaining 19 ends without further interruption.  The Captains rink had a very close game, but eventually succumbed by 2 shots.  Chris Holmes rink were level at 11-11 after 14 ends, but then must have had some 'Red Bull' or other such substance and ran away 25-16 winners.  Chris Twomey's rink made the best comeback, as they were 8 down going into the last 2 ends, but picked up 4 on each of the 2 ends and therefore came away with a draw.  Unfortunately however Malcolm's rink had a bad afternoon and lost 27-9 - it was obviously the rink they played on!!  The overall score was therefore a loss for Adderbury 67 - 78.

Yvonne Twomey, Dave Drinkwater, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey.  17 - 17
Terry Mold, Steve Goodenouth, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie,  16 - 18
Roy Dickson, John Holt, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Holmes.  25 -16
Dennis Roberts, Ray Puddle, Jill Hart and Malcolm Brown.  9 - 27

Thursday 13th June
Adderbury v Kidlington. Oxford and Districts League Division 2.
Overall Score: 75:51
Adderbury continue their impressive run winning against Kidlington. Considering the weather it was a miracle the game took place at all but after the early shower the rain stayed off.
Chris Skidmores win was in doubt until the last 2 ends when they picked up 5 shots to win by 3. Phil Gladdens rink left their comeback too late and lost by 4 shots. Darren Sharps rink certainly was a game of two halves with the opponents unable to score after end 11. Tom Clarks rink could not repeat their HOTSHOT but had a comfortable win nevertheless.
Nigel Eley, Pete Griffin, Ted Eley and Chris Skidmore.  16 - 13
Bryan Ogilvie, Dave Allington, Brian Ray and Tom Clark  18 - 10
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden  13 - 17
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharp  28 - 11
League Points Adderbury 5  Kidlington 1

Thursday 6th June

Adderbury v Charlbury. Oxford and Districts League Division 2.
Overall score 85 - 64

Adderbury maintained their winning ways at Charlbury winning on 3 of the 4 rinks. Phil Gladdens rink picking up 7 shots on the last 2 ends to win by 3. Tom Clarks rink picked up a HOT SHOT on the 6th end and the home team struggled to recover after that.

Nigel Eley, Dave Allington, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore  13 - 26
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden  19 - 16
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe  27 - 10
Bryan Ogilvie, Chris I Skidmore, Brian Ray and Tom Clark  26 - 12
League Points Adderbury 5 Charlbury 1

Tuesday 4th June

The decision to go ahead with Tuesday's game against Wychwood B.C. was vindicated, much to the relief of the Captain, as the afternoon's heavy showers cleared away to leave a dry and sunny evening.  Adderbury fielded a strong squad (we even lent them 3 players) and came out victors 78 points to 40 but Wychwood get the opportunity to extract revenge on their delightful green on 27 June.

Ray Puddle, Graham Tyrrell and Phil French  11 - 16,
Bill Dowling, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore  16 - 10,
Yvonne Twomey, Dave Salter and Bryan Ogilvie romped home 21 - 7 
Chris Twomey, Malcolm Brown and Joe Wright took the honours with 30 - 7 victory.

Saturday 1st June

For a pleasant change we played an afternoon of bowls in glorious sunshine without having to wear thermals and sweaters.  The overall result was even better than the 72-60 achieved when Chandos Park visited Adderbury in April, we ran out winners by 88-70.  Three of the rinks were very close, the captain's rink sneaked home by 1 shot, but Tom's rink lost by 4 on the very last end and Chris, who came back from 15-5 down just lost by 1 shot.  The hero of the hour was Malcolm, whose rink ran away with the game, finishing up winners by 33-11.

Bill Dowling, Dave Drinkwater, Roy Dickson and Bryan Ogilvie.  16 - 15
Terry Mold, John Holt, John Hermon and Tom Clark. 17 - 21
(This was the youngsters rink - with a total age of 333!)
Yvonne Twomey, Peter Miller, Peter Wells and Chris Twomey.  22 - 23
Dennis Roberts, David Phipps, Jill Hart and Malcolm Brown 33 - 11

Thursday 30th May
Adderbury v Chipping Norton. Oxford and Districts League Division 2.
Overall result 99:44
Not a good night for the visitors to Adderbury Bowls Club although Darren Sharpes rink had to dig deep when the opposition got to within 1 shot at the 15th end. Tom Clark and Phil Gladdens rinks got off to flying starts and their opponents struggled to plug the gap.
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Ted Eley and Darren Sharpe won 20 - 14
Nigel Eley, Dave Allington, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore won 25 - 10
Graham Tyrrell, Malcolm Brown, Phil French and Phil Gladden won 26 - 9
Bryan Ogilvie, Chris Skidmore(Jnr), Brian Ray and Tom Clark won 28 - 11
League Points Adderbury 6 Chipping Norton 0

Tuesday 28th May

On Tuesday we were hosted by Middle Barton for an experimental mid-week afternoon match which thankfully was completed in the dry despite highly menacing black clouds looming up and threatening to ruin the event. We managed an honourable draw 2 - 2 on a rinks basis but lost 56 - 69 on the points system. We look forward to seeking our revenge on 6th August.

Dave Phipps, Ray Puddle and Dave Salter lost 10 - 22
John Holt, Roy Dickson and Graham Tyrrell lost 9 - 24
Yvonne Twomey, Terry Mold and Chris Twomey won 18 - 12
Bill Dowling, Dennis Roberts and John Hermon won 19 - 11

Thursday 23rd May

We hosted a slightly depleted Begbroke side and had to lend them Bill and Roy to make up the numbers. We managed a
62 - 61 victory by virtue of the gallant efforts of Phil Gladden's trio who won by a margin of 14 points which was enough to see us home.
Yvonne Twomey, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey lost 11 - 22,
John Holt, Ray Puddle and Bryan Ogilvie just trailed 16 - 18,
Dennis Roberts, Dave Drinkwater and Phil French drew 13 -  13
Peter Briggs, Chris Holmes and Phil Gladden romped home 22 - 8.

Tuesday 21st May

This evening was the best night of the year so far for two reasons. One, the weather was perfect with plenty of warm sunshine although it turned a bit chilly towards the end for our visitors from Byfield and two, we managed a healthy 95 - 71 win.

Bill Dowling, Roy Dickson, Dave Drinkwater and Malcolm Brown were unfortunate to lose 21 - 22 although they rallied well in the latter stages.
Yvonne Twomey, Ray Puddle, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey were generous in metering out a 19 - 19 draw.
Peter Briggs, John Holt, Dave Salter and Ian Dunn turned in a great performance with a 27 - 15 victory.
Peter Wells, Jill Hart, Graham Tyrrell and Phil French took the night's honours romping home 28 - 15 despite dropping a four on the last end which I suspect was a charitable gesture.


Saturday 18th May

Although the forecast was for showers, the afternoon turned out to be a very warm and enjoyable time with no rain at all.  Unfortunately we could only muster 18 players and therefore we loaned one from the opposition and played 4 rinks and 1 triple.  On the plus side we had two new bowlers playing for us, Jill Hart and David Phipps, both of whom performed extremely well and I believe enjoyed their afternoon.  Every rink was very close, but I think what helped us was the break after 10 ends for tea and biscuits.  Jill and David played with the Captain Bryan and sneaked home by 1 shot, Graham skipped for the first time and made a good job of it being the best rink, running out winners by 6 shots, Brian came back from 10-4 down to lose by only 2 shots, unfortunately Malcolm's triple were leading after the 12th end 11-10, but ran out of steam and lost 18-11, Chris however left it late and was 2 shots down going into the last end and scored a 6 making him winners by 4 shots and giving us the overall victory by 2 shots.  2 shots seems to be the in thing, as we have won our last 3 games by the same margin. 

The final result  Adderbury 89 Buckingham West End 87.

  • Dennis Roberts, David Phipps, Jill Hart and Bryan Ogilvie  17 -16
  • Terry Mold, John Holt, John Hermon and Graham Tyrrell  22 - 16
  • Peter Wells, Erica Brown and Malcolm Brown   11 - 18
  • Yvonne Twomey, Peter Miller, Roy Dickson and Chris Twomey  22 - 18
  • Herbie , Dave Drinkwater, Ray Puddle and Brian Ray  17 - 19
  • (Herbie loaned from Buckingham West End)

Thursday 16th May

Adderbury bounced back with a win in their second match in the Oxford and Districts League 2. They were away to South Oxford A and came away with 3 winning rinks. Phil Gladdens rink reversing last weeks result with a resounding victory.

Overall result 77 - 57

Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe 19 - 10
Brian Ogilvie, Peter Wells, Brian Ray and Ted Eley  20 - 13
Nigel Ely, Malcolm Brown,Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore  18 - 24
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden  30 - 10
League Points: Adderbury 5 South Oxford A 1

Tuesday 14th May

We hosted Banbury Chestnuts on a perfect evening for bowls even if it did get a bit chilly towards the end. The green looked perfect, played well, and we won on two rinks with creditable performances being given by Malcolm Brown's and Bryan Ogilvie's quartets and managed to come home victors by 67 - 65 points.

Yvonne Twomey, Roy Dickson, Phil French and Chris Twomey trailed in 13 - 19
Peter Wells, Steve Goodenough, Erica Brown and Chris Skidmore lost 15 - 20
Bill Dowling, Ray Puddle, Graham Tyrrell and Malcolm Brown won 21 - 17 
Peter Briggs, Dave Drinkwater, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie romped home 18 - 9 which tipped the scales in our favour.


Saturday11th May

It was lovely playing with no wind and rain and with the sun shining all afternoon. However, we did hear from the opposition that Bill Giles had told them "it would be fine all afternoon" and after the last time he told us that it threw it down all afternoon and we only managed to get 5 ends completed. The afternoon therefore was extremely pleasant and the final result very close, although we lost 3 out of the 4 rinks, Brian letting a 14-11 lead slip away to a 22-14 loss, the captain managed to win by a significant margin enabling us to win by 2 shots, the final result being 71-69 in our favour. Results are as follows: 

Dennis Roberts, John Holt , George Sainsbury, Cliff Hall.  15 - 20
Terry Mold,  Dave Drinkwater, John Herman, Bryan Ogilvie.  27 - 11 
Yvonne Twomey, Steve Goodenough, Chris Holmes, Chris Twomey.  15 - 16
Graham Tyrrell, Bill Dowling, Dave Allington, Brian Ray. 14 - 22 


Thursday 9th May

Adderburys first league match in the Oxford and Districts League 2 got off to a losing start against City and County 58 - 71. The plaudits must go to Darren Sharpes rink who with 3 ends to go turned a losing 10 - 17 to a winning 20 - 17. 

Bryan Ogilvie, Cliff Hall, Brian Ray and Ted Eley lost 14 - 21
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden lost 5 - 22
Nigel Eley, Dave Allington, Peter Griffen and Chris Skidmore won 19 - 11
George Sainsbury, Paul Selfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe won 20 - 17

League Points: Adderbury 2 City and County 4


Tuesday 7th May

On Tuesday we entertained our nearest guests from Bloxham in a match which was slightly truncated due to the dull weather conditions but managed to win on three rinks and run out victors 78 - 43.

Bill Dowling, Roy Dickson, Phil French and Joe Wright just lost 12 - 13
Peter Wells, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Chris Holmes won 13 - 10
Steve Goodenough, Cliff Hall, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie romped home 26 - 10 but
Yvonne Twomey, Ray Puddle, George Sainsbury and Chris Twomey claim the bragging rights with a 27 - 10 victory.
Bloxham will try to get their revenge in the re-match on 2 July when we can only hope that it will be a little warmer!

Saturday 4th May

Adderbury came away from the first leg of the Barney Shield with a very healthy lead to take into the return fixture later in September.  Some rinks performed extremely well whilst others, not naming them, but both the Captain and League Captain came second, they thought they would give the opposition a little help!  The big winners were Tom Clark and his rink and Phil Gladden and his rink.  The overall score was a massive win by 143 shots to 97, well done guys.

  • Dennis Roberts, George Sainsbury, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore 21 - 12
  • Ian Dunn, Bill Dowling, Paul Jelfs and Ted Eley 15 - 23
  • Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden 33 - 16
  • Yvonne Twomey, Peter Wells, Chris Holmes and Chris Twomey 20 - 14
  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 17 - 21
  • Mick Jelfs, Dave Allington, Nigel Eley and Tom Clark 37 -11

Thursday 2nd May

A close match was played at Bicester on Thursday 2 May 19 with Bicester just scraping home by 64 shots to 61.  After the first 2 rinks had finished, Adderbury were ahead by 10 shots, both Brian Ray's rink and the captain Bryan Ogilvies rink won by 5 shots each.  Both rinks went into the club house for some warmth only to discover that the remaining 2 rinks had unfortunately lost, Chris Holmes rink went down by 4 shots and George Sainsbury's rink lost 8 shots over the last 2 ends to go down by 9 shots in total.  At one stage the captain's rink were down by 10 shots to 1 but came back to win 21 - 16.

  • Ian Dunn, John Holt, Graham Tyrell and George Sainsbury 10 -19
  • Peter Wells, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 21 - 16
  • Roy Dickson,  Bob Jones, Dave Allington and Chris Holmes 14 -18
  • (Bob is a Bicester member - standing in for Steve Goodenough who was in A&E)
  • Bill Dowling, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Brian Ray 16 -11

Tuesday 30th April

We were soundly beaten by our guests from Fenny Compton on Tuesday evening 30 points to 70. What bragging rights there were could be claimed by Chris Twomey's quartet as they at least achieved double figures!

Steve Goodenough, Bill Dowling, Phil French and Chris Holmes .  9 - 26.
Peter Wells, Peter Briggs, Dave Drinkwater and Bryan Ogilvie.  9 - 23.
Yvonne Twomey, Ray Puddle, Roy Dickson and Chris Twomey. 12 - 21.


Saturday 27th April

Never mind Thursdays game being Arctic, Saturdays game against Chandos Park was almost sub-zero.  We did have 2 rinks which were sheltered a little by the club house but rinks 3 and particularly rink 4 were almost blown off the green.  We had 2 winning rinks and 2 losses and suffice to say the winning rinks were on rinks 1 and 2!  Glancing across the green after 4 ends it looked like Malcolm's rink were running away with the game, as the scoreboard showed a score of 44 against 6, but unfortunately it was only the wind altering the score.  Chris was the hero of the day winning by a convincing 19 shots, Bryan's rink managed an 8 shot win, thanks mainly to the youngsters on the team - John Herman and Terry Mold bowling well.

  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 22 - 14
  • Yvonne Twomey,Bill Dowling, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey 28 - 9
  • Dennis Roberts, Erica Brown, Trevor Stevens and Malcolm Brown 13 - 17
  • Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Tom Clark 9 - 20
  • Overall result - Adderbury 72 - Chandos Park 60

Thursday 25th April

We were afforded a warm welcome by Chipping Norton which was just as well as the playing conditions were best described as Arctic! We won on two rinks, drew on one and lost one but did run out winners 59 - 51.

Bill Dowling, Erica Brown and Malcolm Brown. 10 - 18.
Trevor Stevens, Dave Drinkwater and Joe Wright. 17 - 17
Steve Goodenough, Dave Allington and Bryan Ogilvie. 13 - 10
Yvonne Twomey, George Sainsbury and Chris Twomey pulled out a magnificient 19 - 6 victory due in no small part to their lead player being on good form so early in the season - will it last?


Tuesday 23rd April

Our first evening match was away to Kidlington where we suffered a  65 - 81 defeat.

On the bright side we had one winning rink, that of Peter Wells, Dave Drinkwater, John Harmon and Brian Ogilvie who didn't score until the seventh end but kept their foot on the gas eventually running out winners 27 - 15.

Steve Goodenough, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Chris Holmes lost 13 - 19.
Bill Dowling, John Holt, Erica Brown and George Sainsbury trailed 15 - 25and  finally,
Yvonne Twomey, Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Twomey were up against stiff opposition and limped home 10 - 22.


Saturday 20th April

Our first outdoor game of the season ended with a convincing win against Little Compton by 94 shots to 63, with 3 of the 4 rinks victorious, our President decided to take sympathy with the opposition by losing 9 shots over the last 4 ends - I think this may have been because Steve Goodenough had to sit out the game after 1 end as he was not feeling well which meant that Mick had to play with 3 players against the hosts 4 - well that was Mick's excuse anyway!.  Results are as follows:

  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 23 - 13
  • Yvonne Twomey, Bill Dowling, Trevor Stevens and Chris Twomey 24 11
  • Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell, Paul Jelfs and Tom Clark 27 - 15
  • Dennis Roberts, Steve Goodenough (withdrew after 1 end), Phil French and Mick Jelfs 20 - 24 

Sunday 10th March

Annual Indoor match against Banbury Cross

Adderbury were in the lead after the 17th end, but unfortunately we lost 7shots on the last end. However, it is the best result we have had over the past few years.

  • Roy(In the ditch again) Dickson, Trevor Stevens and Mick Jelfs 15 - 15
  • Peter Wells, Dave Allington and Graham Tyrell 9 - 18
  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater and Bryan Ogilvie 13 - 15
  • Dennis Roberts,George Sainsbury and Ted Eley 7 - 18
  • Last but certainly not least;
  • Hilda Zimmer, Paul Jelfs and Phil Gladden 27 - 9
  • Overall result - Adderbury 71 - Banbury Cross 75