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Match Reports 2019

Saturday 22nd June

What a pleasant surprise not having to play in either thermals or wets.  The game was played in the right spirit and the end result was extremely close.  Malcolm's rink claimed a one shot victory by taking 5 shots over the last 2 ends and Frenchy's rink were all square going into the last end and with the opposition holding 4 shots, with his penultimate wood he drew the jack (with a teeny weeny wick) to win the end and the game.  The Captain and Chris's rinks had comfortable wins, albeit both squandered big leads near the end which proved costly in the end because although we won 4 of the 5 rinks, Tom's rink suffered a heavy defeat, winning only 4 of the 21 ends and going down by 22 shots, which meant that the overall score was 91 to 88 in Witney Mills favour.

Yvonne Twomey,  Graham Tyrrell, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey.  28 - 15
Dennis Roberts, Ray Puddle, Erica Brown and Malcolm Brown.  18 - 17
Terry Mold, John Holt, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie.  21 - 17
Peter Wells,  Jill Hart, Cliff Hall and Tom Clark.  6 - 28
Roy Dickson, Tony Collett, Chris Holmes and Phil French.  15 - 14

Thursday 20th June
Adderbury v Headington B
Overall score: 71 - 73
Not a good night for Adderbury at Headington, especially with City and County A not playing and a chance to top the division with a good result.
The overall result was quite close but not enough to earn a point.
In two rinks Headington managed to gain points from losing positions with Tom Clarks rink only managing to score 3 shots in the last 9 ends and Darren Sharpes rink conceding a 7 on the 15th end to convert a comfortable win into creditable Headington draw. The “ends won” count was equal on Phil Gladdens rink but Headington just outscored them. Ted Eleys rink was reasonably comfortable with 2 ends winning by 5 shots and 1 by 4.
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden.  15 - 17
Bryan Ogilvie, Pete Griffin, Chris Skidmore and Ted Eley.  24 - 17
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe.  18 - 18
Chris Skidmore(Jnr), Dave Allington, Brian Ray and Tom Clark.  14 - 21
League Points: Adderbury 1.5 - Headington 4.5

Saturday 15th June

The weather tried again to prevent us from playing on Saturday at Carterton, but we were very lucky in that, after everyone had donned their 'wets', the rain relented after the first 2 ends and we played the remaining 19 ends without further interruption.  The Captains rink had a very close game, but eventually succumbed by 2 shots.  Chris Holmes rink were level at 11-11 after 14 ends, but then must have had some 'Red Bull' or other such substance and ran away 25-16 winners.  Chris Twomey's rink made the best comeback, as they were 8 down going into the last 2 ends, but picked up 4 on each of the 2 ends and therefore came away with a draw.  Unfortunately however Malcolm's rink had a bad afternoon and lost 27-9 - it was obviously the rink they played on!!  The overall score was therefore a loss for Adderbury 67 - 78.

Yvonne Twomey, Dave Drinkwater, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey.  17 - 17
Terry Mold, Steve Goodenouth, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie,  16 - 18
Roy Dickson, John Holt, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Holmes.  25 -16
Dennis Roberts, Ray Puddle, Jill Hart and Malcolm Brown.  9 - 27

Thursday 13th June
Adderbury v Kidlington. Oxford and Districts League Division 2.
Overall Score: 75:51
Adderbury continue their impressive run winning against Kidlington. Considering the weather it was a miracle the game took place at all but after the early shower the rain stayed off.
Chris Skidmores win was in doubt until the last 2 ends when they picked up 5 shots to win by 3. Phil Gladdens rink left their comeback too late and lost by 4 shots. Darren Sharps rink certainly was a game of two halves with the opponents unable to score after end 11. Tom Clarks rink could not repeat their HOTSHOT but had a comfortable win nevertheless.
Nigel Eley, Pete Griffin, Ted Eley and Chris Skidmore.  16:13
Bryan Ogilvie, Dave Allington, Brian Ray and Tom Clark  18:10
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden  13:17
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharp  28:11
League Points Adderbury 5  Kidlington 1

Thursday 6th June

Adderbury v Charlbury. Oxford and Districts League Division 2.
Overall score 85 - 64

Adderbury maintained their winning ways at Charlbury winning on 3 of the 4 rinks. Phil Gladdens rink picking up 7 shots on the last 2 ends to win by 3. Tom Clarks rink picked up a HOT SHOT on the 6th end and the home team struggled to recover after that.

Nigel Eley, Dave Allington, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore  13 - 26
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden  19 - 16
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe  27 - 10
Bryan Ogilvie, Chris I Skidmore, Brian Ray and Tom Clark  26 - 12
League Points Adderbury 5 Charlbury 1

Tuesday 4th June

The decision to go ahead with Tuesday's game against Wychwood B.C. was vindicated, much to the relief of the Captain, as the afternoon's heavy showers cleared away to leave a dry and sunny evening.  Adderbury fielded a strong squad (we even lent them 3 players) and came out victors 78 points to 40 but Wychwood get the opportunity to extract revenge on their delightful green on 27 June.

Ray Puddle, Graham Tyrrell and Phil French  11 - 16,
Bill Dowling, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore  16 - 10,
Yvonne Twomey, Dave Salter and Bryan Ogilvie romped home 21 - 7 
Chris Twomey, Malcolm Brown and Joe Wright took the honours with 30 - 7 victory.

Saturday 1st June

For a pleasant change we played an afternoon of bowls in glorious sunshine without having to wear thermals and sweaters.  The overall result was even better than the 72-60 achieved when Chandos Park visited Adderbury in April, we ran out winners by 88-70.  Three of the rinks were very close, the captain's rink sneaked home by 1 shot, but Tom's rink lost by 4 on the very last end and Chris, who came back from 15-5 down just lost by 1 shot.  The hero of the hour was Malcolm, whose rink ran away with the game, finishing up winners by 33-11.

Bill Dowling, Dave Drinkwater, Roy Dickson and Bryan Ogilvie.  16 - 15
Terry Mold, John Holt, John Hermon and Tom Clark. 17 - 21
(This was the youngsters rink - with a total age of 333!)
Yvonne Twomey, Peter Miller, Peter Wells and Chris Twomey.  22 - 23
Dennis Roberts, David Phipps, Jill Hart and Malcolm Brown 33 - 11

Thursday 30th May
Adderbury v Chipping Norton. Oxford and Districts League Division 2.
Overall result 99:44
Not a good night for the visitors to Adderbury Bowls Club although Darren Sharpes rink had to dig deep when the opposition got to within 1 shot at the 15th end. Tom Clark and Phil Gladdens rinks got off to flying starts and their opponents struggled to plug the gap.
Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Ted Eley and Darren Sharpe won 20:14
Nigel Eley, Dave Allington, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore won 25:10
Graham Tyrrell, Malcolm Brown, Phil French and Phil Gladden won 26:9
Bryan Ogilvie, Chris Skidmore(Jnr), Brian Ray and Tom Clark won 28:11
League Points Adderbury 6 Chipping Norton 0

Tuesday 28th May

On Tuesday we were hosted by Middle Barton for an experimental mid-week afternoon match which thankfully was completed in the dry despite highly menacing black clouds looming up and threatening to ruin the event. We managed an honourable draw 2 - 2 on a rinks basis but lost 56 - 69 on the points system. We look forward to seeking our revenge on 6th August.

Dave Phipps, Ray Puddle and Dave Salter lost 10 - 22
John Holt, Roy Dickson and Graham Tyrrell lost 9 - 24
Yvonne Twomey, Terry Mold and Chris Twomey won 18 - 12
Bill Dowling, Dennis Roberts and John Hermon won 19 - 11

Thursday 23rd May

We hosted a slightly depleted Begbroke side and had to lend them Bill and Roy to make up the numbers. We managed a
62 - 61 victory by virtue of the gallant efforts of Phil Gladden's trio who won by a margin of 14 points which was enough to see us home.
Yvonne Twomey, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey lost 11 - 22,
John Holt, Ray Puddle and Bryan Ogilvie just trailed 16 - 18,
Dennis Roberts, Dave Drinkwater and Phil French drew 13 -  13
Peter Briggs, Chris Holmes and Phil Gladden romped home 22 - 8.

Tuesday 21st May

This evening was the best night of the year so far for two reasons. One, the weather was perfect with plenty of warm sunshine although it turned a bit chilly towards the end for our visitors from Byfield and two, we managed a healthy 95 - 71 win.

Bill Dowling, Roy Dickson, Dave Drinkwater and Malcolm Brown were unfortunate to lose 21 - 22 although they rallied well in the latter stages.
Yvonne Twomey, Ray Puddle, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey were generous in metering out a 19 - 19 draw.
Peter Briggs, John Holt, Dave Salter and Ian Dunn turned in a great performance with a 27 - 15 victory.
Peter Wells, Jill Hart, Graham Tyrrell and Phil French took the night's honours romping home 28 - 15 despite dropping a four on the last end which I suspect was a charitable gesture.


Saturday 18th May

Although the forecast was for showers, the afternoon turned out to be a very warm and enjoyable time with no rain at all.  Unfortunately we could only muster 18 players and therefore we loaned one from the opposition and played 4 rinks and 1 triple.  On the plus side we had two new bowlers playing for us, Jill Hart and David Phipps, both of whom performed extremely well and I believe enjoyed their afternoon.  Every rink was very close, but I think what helped us was the break after 10 ends for tea and biscuits.  Jill and David played with the Captain Bryan and sneaked home by 1 shot, Graham skipped for the first time and made a good job of it being the best rink, running out winners by 6 shots, Brian came back from 10-4 down to lose by only 2 shots, unfortunately Malcolm's triple were leading after the 12th end 11-10, but ran out of steam and lost 18-11, Chris however left it late and was 2 shots down going into the last end and scored a 6 making him winners by 4 shots and giving us the overall victory by 2 shots.  2 shots seems to be the in thing, as we have won our last 3 games by the same margin. 

The final result  Adderbury 89 Buckingham West End 87.

  • Dennis Roberts, David Phipps, Jill Hart and Bryan Ogilvie  17 -16
  • Terry Mold, John Holt, John Hermon and Graham Tyrrell  22 - 16
  • Peter Wells, Erica Brown and Malcolm Brown   11 - 18
  • Yvonne Twomey, Peter Miller, Roy Dickson and Chris Twomey  22 - 18
  • Herbie , Dave Drinkwater, Ray Puddle and Brian Ray  17 - 19
  • (Herbie loaned from Buckingham West End)

Thursday 16th May

Adderbury bounced back with a win in their second match in the Oxford and Districts League 2. They were away to South Oxford A and came away with 3 winning rinks. Phil Gladdens rink reversing last weeks result with a resounding victory.

Overall result 77 - 57

Ian Dunn, Paul Jelfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe 19 - 10
Brian Ogilvie, Peter Wells, Brian Ray and Ted Eley  20 - 13
Nigel Ely, Malcolm Brown,Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore  18 - 24
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden  30 - 10
League Points: Adderbury 5 South Oxford A 1

Tuesday 14th May

We hosted Banbury Chestnuts on a perfect evening for bowls even if it did get a bit chilly towards the end. The green looked perfect, played well, and we won on two rinks with creditable performances being given by Malcolm Brown's and Bryan Ogilvie's quartets and managed to come home victors by 67 - 65 points.

Yvonne Twomey, Roy Dickson, Phil French and Chris Twomey trailed in 13 - 19
Peter Wells, Steve Goodenough, Erica Brown and Chris Skidmore lost 15 - 20
Bill Dowling, Ray Puddle, Graham Tyrrell and Malcolm Brown won 21 - 17 
Peter Briggs, Dave Drinkwater, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie romped home 18 - 9 which tipped the scales in our favour.


Saturday11th May

It was lovely playing with no wind and rain and with the sun shining all afternoon. However, we did hear from the opposition that Bill Giles had told them "it would be fine all afternoon" and after the last time he told us that it threw it down all afternoon and we only managed to get 5 ends completed. The afternoon therefore was extremely pleasant and the final result very close, although we lost 3 out of the 4 rinks, Brian letting a 14-11 lead slip away to a 22-14 loss, the captain managed to win by a significant margin enabling us to win by 2 shots, the final result being 71-69 in our favour. Results are as follows: 

Dennis Roberts, John Holt , George Sainsbury, Cliff Hall - Adderbury 15 - Thame 20
Terry Mold,  Dave Drinkwater, John Herman, Bryan Ogilvie  - Adderbury 27 - Thame 11 
Yvonne Twomey, Steve Goodenough, Chris Holmes, Chris Twomey - Adderbury 15 - Thame 16
Graham Tyrrell, Bill Dowling, Dave Allington, Brian Ray - Adderbury 14 - Thame 22 


Thursday 9th May

Adderburys first league match in the Oxford and Districts League 2 got off to a losing start against City and County 58 - 71. The plaudits must go to Darren Sharpes rink who with 3 ends to go turned a losing 10 - 17 to a winning 20 - 17. 

Bryan Ogilvie, Cliff Hall, Brian Ray and Ted Eley lost 14 - 21
Mick Jelfs, Graham Tyrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden lost 5 - 22
Nigel Eley, Dave Allington, Peter Griffen and Chris Skidmore won 19 - 11
George Sainsbury, Paul Selfs, Jamie Wilkinson and Darren Sharpe won 20 - 17

League Points: Adderbury 2 City and County 4


Tuesday 7th May

On Tuesday we entertained our nearest guests from Bloxham in a match which was slightly truncated due to the dull weather conditions but managed to win on three rinks and run out victors 78 - 43.

Bill Dowling, Roy Dickson, Phil French and Joe Wright just lost 12 - 13
Peter Wells, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Chris Holmes won 13 - 10
Steve Goodenough, Cliff Hall, John Hermon and Bryan Ogilvie romped home 26 - 10 but
Yvonne Twomey, Ray Puddle, George Sainsbury and Chris Twomey claim the bragging rights with a 27 - 10 victory.
Bloxham will try to get their revenge in the re-match on 2 July when we can only hope that it will be a little warmer!

Saturday 4th May

Adderbury came away from the first leg of the Barney Shield with a very healthy lead to take into the return fixture later in September.  Some rinks performed extremely well whilst others, not naming them, but both the Captain and League Captain came second, they thought they would give the opposition a little help!  The big winners were Tom Clark and his rink and Phil Gladden and his rink.  The overall score was a massive win by 143 shots to 97, well done guys.

  • Dennis Roberts, George Sainsbury, Pete Griffin and Chris Skidmore 21 - 12
  • Ian Dunn, Bill Dowling, Paul Jelfs and Ted Eley 15 - 23
  • Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Phil Gladden 33 - 16
  • Yvonne Twomey, Peter Wells, Chris Holmes and Chris Twomey 20 - 14
  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 17 - 21
  • Mick Jelfs, Dave Allington, Nigel Eley and Tom Clark 37 -11

Thursday 2nd May

A close match was played at Bicester on Thursday 2 May 19 with Bicester just scraping home by 64 shots to 61.  After the first 2 rinks had finished, Adderbury were ahead by 10 shots, both Brian Ray's rink and the captain Bryan Ogilvies rink won by 5 shots each.  Both rinks went into the club house for some warmth only to discover that the remaining 2 rinks had unfortunately lost, Chris Holmes rink went down by 4 shots and George Sainsbury's rink lost 8 shots over the last 2 ends to go down by 9 shots in total.  At one stage the captain's rink were down by 10 shots to 1 but came back to win 21 - 16.

  • Ian Dunn, John Holt, Graham Tyrell and George Sainsbury 10 -19
  • Peter Wells, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 21 - 16
  • Roy Dickson,  Bob Jones, Dave Allington and Chris Holmes 14 -18
  • (Bob is a Bicester member - standing in for Steve Goodenough who was in A&E)
  • Bill Dowling, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Brian Ray 16 -11

Tuesday 30th April

We were soundly beaten by our guests from Fenny Compton on Tuesday evening 30 points to 70. What bragging rights there were could be claimed by Chris Twomey's quartet as they at least achieved double figures!

Steve Goodenough, Bill Dowling, Phil French and Chris Holmes went down 9 - 26.
Peter Wells, Peter Briggs, Dave Drinkwater and Bryan Ogilvie lost 9 - 23.
Yvonne Twomey, Ray Puddle, Roy Dickson and Chris Twomey were all square at 13 ends but ended up losing 12 - 21.


Saturday 27th April

Never mind Thursdays game being Arctic, Saturdays game against Chandos Park was almost sub-zero.  We did have 2 rinks which were sheltered a little by the club house but rinks 3 and particularly rink 4 were almost blown off the green.  We had 2 winning rinks and 2 losses and suffice to say the winning rinks were on rinks 1 and 2!  Glancing across the green after 4 ends it looked like Malcolm's rink were running away with the game, as the scoreboard showed a score of 44 against 6, but unfortunately it was only the wind altering the score.  Chris was the hero of the day winning by a convincing 19 shots, Bryan's rink managed an 8 shot win, thanks mainly to the youngsters on the team - John Herman and Terry Mold bowling well.

  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 22 - 14
  • Yvonne Twomey,Bill Dowling, Dave Allington and Chris Twomey 28 - 9
  • Dennis Roberts, Erica Brown, Trevor Stevens and Malcolm Brown 13 - 17
  • Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell, Phil French and Tom Clark 9 - 20
  • Overall result - Adderbury 72 - Chandos Park 60

Thursday 25th April

We were afforded a warm welcome by Chipping Norton which was just as well as the playing conditions were best described as Arctic! We won on two rinks, drew on one and lost one but did run out winners 59 - 51.

Bill Dowling, Erica Brown and Malcolm Brown went down 10 - 18.
Trevor Stevens, Dave Drinkwater and Joe Wright drew 17 - 17
Steve Goodenough, Dave Allington and Bryan Ogilvie managed a 13 - 10 victory.
Yvonne Twomey, George Sainsbury and Chris Twomey pulled out a magnificient 19 - 6 victory due in no small part to their lead player being on good form so early in the season - will it last?


Tuesday 23rd April

Our first evening match was away to Kidlington where we suffered a  65 - 81 defeat.

On the bright side we had one winning rink, that of Peter Wells, Dave Drinkwater, John Harmon and Brian Ogilvie who didn't score until the seventh end but kept their foot on the gas eventually running out winners 27 - 15.

Steve Goodenough, Peter Miller, Trevor Stevens and Chris Holmes lost 13 - 19.
Bill Dowling, John Holt, Erica Brown and George Sainsbury trailed 15 - 25and  finally,
Yvonne Twomey, Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell and Chris Twomey were up against stiff opposition and limped home 10 - 22.


Saturday 20th April

Our first outdoor game of the season ended with a convincing win against Little Compton by 94 shots to 63, with 3 of the 4 rinks victorious, our President decided to take sympathy with the opposition by losing 9 shots over the last 4 ends - I think this may have been because Steve Goodenough had to sit out the game after 1 end as he was not feeling well which meant that Mick had to play with 3 players against the hosts 4 - well that was Mick's excuse anyway!.  Results are as follows:

  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater, John Herman and Bryan Ogilvie 23 - 13
  • Yvonne Twomey, Bill Dowling, Trevor Stevens and Chris Twomey 24 11
  • Roy Dickson, Graham Tyrrell, Paul Jelfs and Tom Clark 27 - 15
  • Dennis Roberts, Steve Goodenough (withdrew after 1 end), Phil French and Mick Jelfs 20 - 24 

Sunday 10th March

Annual Indoor match against Banbury Cross

Adderbury were in the lead after the 17th end, but unfortunately we lost 7shots on the last end. However, it is the best result we have had over the past few years.

  • Roy(In the ditch again) Dickson, Trevor Stevens and Mick Jelfs 15 - 15
  • Peter Wells, Dave Allington and Graham Tyrell 9 - 18
  • Terry Mold, Dave Drinkwater and Bryan Ogilvie 13 - 15
  • Dennis Roberts,George Sainsbury and Ted Eley 7 - 18
  • Last but certainly not least;
  • Hilda Zimmer, Paul Jelfs and Phil Gladden 27 - 9
  • Overall result - Adderbury 71 - Banbury Cross 75