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March 29                                     NO  MAGIC  CARPET  FOR  ADDERBURY

 Adderbury’s pre-season indoor warm up match against Banbury Cross ended in defeat – though the 115-100 margin was a decent result given the conditions.

Many of the Adderbury side hadn’t rolled a wood since the 2013 season ended last September and they were up against bowlers who had spent the winter playing on the ultra-quick Woodgreen carpet.

Adderbury gained plenty of credit by winning on two of the six rinks.

Scores were: Chris Skidmore’s rink of Frank Duty, David Watson, and Pete Griffin won 20-10; Tom Clark with Brian Ogilvie, Dennis Roberts and Terry Hooley finished 27-18 up; Silvia McKenna, Janet Fountain and Terry Ulph went down 14-15; Ted Eley with Terry Mold, Alma Garrett and Jim Garrett lost 17-23; Phil Gladden’s rink of Martin Barnard, Hilda Zimmer and John Radley were beaten 12-25; and Julian Dancer with Erica Brown, John Herman and Malcolm Brown lost 10-24.