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Photos taken by Maureen Tyrrell at the annual prizegiving evening. Details of winners later.



This year’s annual general meeting will be held in the clubhouse at 8pm on Thursday 22 November.

Business will include presentation of audited accounts, reports from the treasurer, secretary and captain, subscriptions for 2019, election of officers and committee members - and appointment of auditor.

Bowling members and social members are invited to attend but only full bowling members can vote.

Nominations for officers and committee members are open and posted in the clubhouse. Proposers and seconders should ensure that nominees are eligible and prepared to serve.

Only members who have completed two calendar years as full bowling members are eligible for nomination.

The agm is an important meeting that determines the future organisation of the club. Please make an effort to attend and have your say.




 20 October: The Blue Meanies - Tickets £10 


 24 November: Chuckletruck - Tickets £10 


 Tickets available at the clubhouse 




Guests are admitted to the club only when signed in by a member to a maximum of three times in any one year unless attending with a visiting bowls club or when a premise licence is in force for a ticketed event, quiz night or public event.

This rule applies to members’ husbands, wives, partners, and family where additional membership has not been taken out.

The committee is aware that these rules are being ignored which puts our licence at risk. Consequently, bar staff and committee may request proof of membership where this is in doubt.

Membership cards should be produced when requested. Alternatively there is a list of members in the club which can be checked.

We regret the need for this measure and trust members will not be offended if asked for proof of membership. 


Club Winter Opening Hours

Tuesday 7.45pm until 11pm, Friday and Saturday 7.45pm until midnight, Sunday noon until 6pm. Bar could close 10pm at discretion of barman if weather bad and no-one in.
Club Summer Opening Hours (during the bowling season)
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7.45pm to 11pm, Friday and Saturday 8pm to midnight,  Sunday 
noon to 6pm.